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KOPREN Ltd aims to become a leading company in import, export and production of car air fresheners.
Brands that KOPREN Ltd is representing and distributing are present in over 200 countries on all continents.
Today KOPREN offers largest variety of best selling products in the air freshener industry.

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September, 2022

Download our catalog

September, 2022
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Long-term cooperative partnership

In addition to high quality products, our sales representatives are armed with extensive data including product knowledge and sales statistics to ensure that your company is supplied with the best items for your region and demographic. KOPREN continuously and intensively takes into account the habits, preferences, opinions and improvements suggestions of its business partners and is therefore in a position to promptly react to any changes on the market.

KOPREN aims to generate a good, sustained, longterm cooperative partnership with dealers, suppliers and customers. We are constantly looking for distributors and private label owners (exclusive regional contracts) interested in selling our high quality products. Regardless of whether you choose to distribute one of our brands or create your own paper air fresheners, we dedicate ourselves to forming a close partnership with each of our clients.

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All KOPREN projects from concept development and testing to manufacturing are handled in our factory and headquarters in Novi Sad, Serbia. KOPREN incorporates the latest automation machines at various stages of the manufacturing process to ensure the highest output with the most consistent quality and value.

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